[Scottish] Any jobs going?

Colin McKinnon scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Dec 16 12:44:00 2002

William Anderson wrote:

>Nasty ... :(  This isn't the best time to be looking for sysadmin jobs ... a
>quick jobserve search turned up 5 scottish jobs matching "sysadmin", two of
>them for websphere, one of them really a cold fusion job.
Yup. I was away the last couple of days but managed to spend some time 
surfing the job-sites. Saw the same job advertised by 4 different 
agencies (two of the agencies had actually posted the same job twice on 

Apparently we're getting paid this month :) and the company will be 
continuing to trade in the meantime - so they'll be needing someone to 
keep things ticking over.  But we could all come in tomorrow and find 
the place locked up. Of course if any of you have a few million going 
spare and fancy owning your own retail chain do let me know.

(Will manage Microsoft NT for money)