[Scottish] OT Laptops (the saga comes to an end)

William Anderson scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Dec 26 22:31:01 2002

Edward Betts wrote:
> William Anderson <neuro@well.com> wrote:
> > Debian is indeed the dogs bollocks - I'm having a flamefest with
> > someone I work with which is basically Debian vs RH :) ... I just need
> > to find a way to start porting it to my Dreamcast, since I have NetBSD
> > successfully running :)
> I was pretty sure there was a debian port, the arch for the dreamcast is
> sh.

Yeah, it's listed as a "port that [hasn't] been released yet" at
http://www.debian.org/ports/ and that links to the m17n.org site, which
hasn't been updated since April last year (2001!), however I'm going to
organise a machine to act as a superh build environment and boot server.

The only hiccup I can think of is that the 'unstable' at the time, which the
GNU toolchains are provided for, was 'sid', which is now 'testing', and I
don't know what variations there are in terms of version numbers and so on.
Still, something to play with in the new year I think ...

At least I don't have to worry about chipping the DC to try stuff like
this - I couldn't bear the thought of chipping my Xbox and losing Xbox Live
service! :)

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