[Scottish] networking bits and pieces

William Anderson scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Nov 13 11:38:01 2002

David Irvine wrote:
> On Wed, 2002-11-13 at 10:40, Ben McCosh wrote:
> > 2 places you'll get connectix equipment are A&D Cartwright out at
> > Govan and William Wilson, somewhere near Scotland street I think.
> >
> > They are both electrical wholesalers, If it is genuine trade, take some
> > headed paper etc and haggle on price you should get a discount on list.
> >
> RS Components arent too bad, trade only but pretty competative.  They
> have a branch somewhere by the royal mail sorting office thingy can't
> remember the street.

It's a Trade Counter, but if you phone ahead with some details, I imagine
they'll quite happily deal with you.  If you look ahead to their website,
they have all the details, and of course, the catalogue with all the
reference numbers :)  http://rswww.com/ - click on 'Trade Counters' on the
right hand side for contact details and a pdf map.  As Ian says, they're on
Baird Street beside an Office World ... http://tinyurl.com/2nn9

RS's delivery service is impressively prompt - I recall ordering a
replacement PROM for a SPARCstation at about 6-7pm one night from their
site, and receiving it before 1pm the next day.

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