[Scottish] [OT] CDrom Protection (Windows)

Billy Smith scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sat Nov 23 18:52:02 2002

Saturday, November 23, 2002, 6:08:21 PM, Phil Deane wrote:

> Hi Folks

> I own some cdroms(originals) for my Kids, (Tweenies, Bob The Builder etc) and
> they are getting old enough where they can use them themselves, but I dont
> want to risk the original disc, so I want to make a copy so that if they ruin
> it, I can burn them another copy. The discs seem to have some sort of copy
> protection which is causing erros when i try and copy it in windows and in
> linux, It could be having empty file son the cdrom or could be somehting
> else, anyone any idea how I get around this?? (All BBC CDroms if that helps)

Hello Phil,

     Those BBC discs are protected by SafeDisc, therefore, you'll need
     to copy them in RAW-DAO mode.

     Check the CloneCD website, to see if your burner supports this
     mode (www.elby.ch).

     SafeDisc can be copied in Windows using Alcohol 120%, CloneCD,
     BlindWrite, ddump/fireburner or possibly DAEMON Tools - or a
     combination of these apps.

     Nero doesn't have a hope in hell of copying this! Also, SafeDisc
     won't run off a CDR disc in your burner. This can be fixed by using
     CloneCD or Alcohol 120%'s "Hide CDR Media" features.

Best regards,