[Scottish] OT Laptops

Henry Merriweather scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Nov 27 21:41:01 2002

There's always
http://www.sterlingxs.co.uk or as posted previously:


Sterling have some P100's for 100.

Morgan are pretty good though.  I got my first pc from them -
a 386sx laptop so my experience is hardly current.
Everyone I've known who used them hasn't
had problems, but you never know how good a supplier really
 is until you have to send stuff back under warranty...

Although not a laptop I got a nice virgin webplayer
 off ebay for $56. It just has linux and a browser (no hard disk).
  Out of the box it has dial-up internet access, but hacking it
 is a project I keep meaning to get round to so I can use
it as a terminal on the home network:

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