Re[4]: [Scottish] OT (very)

Mark Robinson scottish at
Wed Oct 2 13:20:00 2002

Hello Cameron,

Wednesday, 02 October 2002, you wrote:

CL> Mark,

>> Yeah, I know, but FAST are very busy these days...

CL> I'm just glad for open source software. :)

CL> Not necessarily for this installation, but have you tried Hylafax on Linux ?
CL> Combined with smbfax, it's pretty good.

I've heard that, but in this case I don't think it will work.  The fax
package need to hook directly in to Sage to allow the users to
generate batches of statements that will be faxed individually to
their clients.  It's hard trying to find a Windoze based package to do
this, never mind a Linux based one :-(