[Scottish] Debian

Colin McKinnon scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Oct 4 13:57:02 2002

Mark Robinson wrote:

>Talking of debian, there are a number of things that I'm not sure
>about/haven't had time to investigate...
Don't know about Debian, but....

>1) What firewall packages are people using
Firestarter - simple enough for me to understand and seeems reasonably 

>2) Does isdn work ok?
with Linux? Yes. With a demand dial setup, the dial-up is immediate and 
you're instantly on-line. I don't know how well channel bonding works 
though - I've got a box with a Fritz (BT Hgihway) card providing access 
at a remote site on a single channel. You might want to put something 
like diald in front of the interface as a lot of programs generate 
unnecessary DNS lookups (e.g. even if you setup sendmail to defer all 
internet Email, it still tries to resolve hostnames on receipt of 

>3) Is a stable amavis/sendmail available?  I can only see it in testing not
When I had such a beast (Amavis 0.2) it was very stable, although a 
little sluggish.