[Scottish] Debian

Andrew Elwell scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Oct 4 18:43:00 2002

On Fri, Oct 04, 2002 at 01:25:57PM +0100, Mark Robinson wrote:
> Following up my own posts now. sheesh
Yes, but at least you can understand the answer this way

> 1) What firewall packages are people using
um, I didn't know till recently(ta edward) that there is an "ipmasq"
package ready to go. I just did the old iptables stuff by hand....

> 2) Does isdn work ok?
yes. *BUT*...
	it seems to want to add vbox in - which I don't really want.
	I've not configured it to pick up the line, so it happily
	ignores calls. the only niggle is that it's messed up the
	userids so that I need to renumber them to get NFS working
> 3) Is a stable amavis/sendmail available?  I can only see it in testing not
> stable
Pass. passing to macafee killed my P90. I dodn't know load average could
go up to 60.

> What are people's thoughts on Debian as a "small business server"? I.e
> providing file/print, dial on demand internet access via a proxy
> etc...

ssh in every know and then, apt-get update, apt-get upgrade, job done.
Much easier to keep several servers in sync with patches / versions etc.

if you know how to configure n tweak various packages you can do, then
if there is a later (security) update it *wont* overwrite your config,
allowing you to do a diff and see what needs to be changed.

I'm a convert. Once you've used apt, it's hard to go back to rpm :-)


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