[Scottish] Thursday Night Update

Julian Gibson scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Oct 8 19:05:00 2002


Sorry to say I won't able to make it along.  For those that
are going you might want to add other informal topics to the
list:- Knives (chubs in the vernacular), grunting amongst
others.  One and (fortunately) only time I was there the
guy beside me at the bar had a very fetching bottle scar on
his head.  I didn't discuss FTP with him in case he took
it the wrong way....



Allan Whiteford wrote:

> Hi,
> As an update to my previous e-mail, members of the Scottish Linux Users
> Group will be meeting on Thursday evening (10th October) from 7pm
> onwards in the Goose on Union Street. The address is 40-46 Union Street
> and the pub can be found (pretty much) opposite central station and down
> a wee bit. Everyone is welcome to come along.
> See http://www.glasgowguide.co.uk/pubs-g-l.html for more details and a
> map.
> Look for the usual suspects, if you've never been to a meeting before or
> have forgot what we all look like then e-mail me and I'll give you a
> mobile phone number to ring when you get to the pub. There is no
> pressure to arrive at 7pm exactly, come along at whatever time suits you
> best.
> For those of you coming straight from work, the Goose sells food.
> Since we will just be in the pub, there will be no formal topic of
> discussion but plenty of linux, unix and computer talk should be
> expected. At some point we should discuss other purely social events
> which we can undertake. Going out for Curry and visiting a Brewery
> spring to mind but bring ideas with you. But, lets just see if we can
> motivate enough people to drag themself to the pub before we get
> illusions of curry, breweries and grandeur.
> Thanks,
> Allan


PGP Public Key available on request