[Scottish] Outlook Users (again!)

Graeme Mathieson scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Oct 8 20:43:01 2002

Could all the folks on the list that are using Outlook:

a) Make sure their virus checker is up to date[1]
b) Visit windowsupdate.microsoft.com to make sure everything else is up
   to date too.

And, regardless of the outcome of the above two items:

c) *Remove* me from your address book.

Not only do I not want to receive viruses from you, I don't want you
sending viruses that appear to come from me.

The current evil virus-ridden luser is:

* A customer of Freeserve.
* Subscribed to ScotLUG.
* Subscribed to EdLUG.
* Appears to have freeserve.broadband@verisign.com in their address book.
* Appears to have alix@mandrakesoft.com in their address book.

freeserve.broadband@verisign.com looks a little suspicious.  I wonder if
this breed of virus is being a little more inventive in creating from

[1] What do you mean you don't have a virus scanner?  Get one FFS!
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