[Scottish] RH8.0 vs MDK8.2 (Linux by any other name just isn't Mandrake)

Darren Paxton scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Oct 16 10:36:01 2002

>>Is anyone else starting to dislike RH?
>>PS The lack of Scottish cities in the time zone settings doesn't do a lot
>>endear itself to me!!!

I installed it last week on my gateway machine before heading to Brussels,
so far its been ok, however when trying to install some things, such as
dante SOCKS, it just fails, I suspect its missing libraries and ended up
having to resort to a SuSE RPM and living with the failures of key files.
Seriously considering doing a SuSE FTP install to take it up to the latest
level, but not sure yet.