[Scottish] Qmail or Exim?

Tam McLaughlin scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Oct 22 08:55:01 2002

> > Hi,
> > I am about to replace our Eppliance Gauntlet firewall with Smoothwall
> > Corporate Server. However, this means we will loose some functionalit=
y in
> > the current firewall, mainly anti-virus scanning and filtering of spa=
> > So, we have to decide on the following:
> > 1) Patch and modify our current internal qmail server to add on anti
> > virus scanning  and anti-spam capabilities. It looks like qmail has
> > limited support for anti virus products i.e. sophos
> > 2) Take the opportunity to install Exim on different hardware and
> > something like Amavis which supports several anti virus products.
> Different hardware? Any reason you can't just replace qmail on its
> platform?

I have a few spare PCs and a spare server so it would be easier to set up=
test another email server on another machine. In fact, the current email=20
server runs on a P600 with 128Mb RAM and also runs squid and leafnode=20
without any problems so I do not really want to put this on a P3700 serve=
with 256 Mb RAM. I think it would be a waste of a good server.

> > I would appreciate advice or ideas especially from anyone who has set=
> > an email server with anti virus scanning.
> qmail-vs-Exim? Sorry Tam, I'm not going to recommend one against the
> other as its a semi-religious issue for some, and I can't be bothered
> with the noise. Check the docs and mailing lists avail for each MTA. Tr=
> the packages out, see which meets your requirements - which one gives
> you a fuzzier feeling. They're both quite capable.
> If you want to stay with qmail then I'd recommend trying out
> qmail-scanner, a harness in which you can run spamassassin and a variet=
> of AV packages (certainly not limited to just sophos).
> For Exim, I'd suggest having a look at exiscan, similar idea in that it
> allows you to use spamassassin and an AV of your choice.
> Some links?
> http://www.qmail.org/
> http://www.exim.org/
> http://qmail-scanner.sourceforge.net/
> http://duncanthrax.net/exiscan/
> http://www.spamassassin.org/
> http://marc.merlins.org/linux/exim/sa.html (exim + spamassassin only, n=
> AV)
> http://www.exim.org/mailman/listinfo/exim-users
> http://www.lifewithqmail.org/
> http://www.ornl.gov/its/archives/mailing-lists/qmail/
> http://lists.merlins.org/lists/listinfo/sa-exim
> http://duncanthrax.net/exilist/exilist.cgi.pl
> http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/spamassassin-talk
> http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/qmail-scanner-general
> Would love to hear what quotes you get for AV packages btw :-)

Thanks for all the links.
I'm waiting on a few quotes for AV software, so will let you know
what I get.

> Regards
> Rory
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