[Scottish] Talks (not October nor December)

Martin McCarthy scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sat Oct 26 20:04:01 2002

Tony - have you not managed to shake off the organise-everything mantle
yet?  You must be getting to hate us by now!

> Do we have any speakers for this month's meeting?

I'll not be there this month, nor December.

After the procmail talk, someone (sorry, I forget who you were)
suggested that a talk on regular expressions might be useful.

Yes, more line noise!

So if folk like, I could talk about reaching regular expression nirvana
and how to use REs from Perl5, sed, awk, [ef]?grep, procmail and C...maybe
Perl6 too if I reread the Apocalypse and Exegesis.  And I could do that
probably in November or almost certainly in January.  January would let
me get more familiar with the Perl6 side of things, if that would be of

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