[Scottish] Scotlug 100-Ping Bowling Night

Ian Drake, IT, CIR, SE Dunbartonshire scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Oct 31 14:18:02 2002

Although I'm not planning to attend this event I cannot go without passing
comment on the proposed venue - it's excellent! great little bar, they even
pull a half decent Guinness.

stay away from "hot shots" at the quay, the service from the staff is dire,
and the state of their equipment is worse. I had to give the manager a right
good slap when I was in about 3 months ago. Oh, and their scoring software
isn't only closed source, it runs on a closed source M$ OS.

Pants, pants and triple Pants!

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Hi all,

One of the things that was discussed last month was the possibility of a
"Scotlug Bowling Night".

The proposed venue is the AMF Bowl in Finnieston, it's not that far from the
City Centre, and has the main benefit of not requiring people to drive to it
(It's the one opposite the big PC World at Finnieston).

Time is : 7:30pm
Date is : 15th November.

There are two packages on offer, both include 2 games and shoe-hire, the
difference being in the food.

The cost per head is either 9.50UKP which includes a "basket menu" :)
There's also the possibility of a 10.50UKP "buffet menu", and if enough
people express interest in that we could probably book that.

It's open to all, just reply by Thursday night (as I'll confirm the booking
on Friday morning), let me know how many places you want (apparently we
could accommodate 25-30 no problems).


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