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Thu Apr 10 17:01:00 2003

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Hi Colin

I might be able to help you out Colin..  I had a box in the workshop last week which was upgraded to a P4 but off the top of my head, I don't know if it was a 700MHz P3 or Athlon 700MHz slot A.  I'm back at the bench first thing in the morning so will have a look for you then..


Colin McKinnon <colin@wew.co.uk> wrote ..
> No, not me.
> I'm looking to source a slot 1 (I think) 700MHz PIII with 256k cache for
> the empty slot on a dual processor box. Anybody know where I'll find 
> such a beastie? Anyone looking to offload one?
> Colin
> (still looking for Unix / Linux sysadmin work!)
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