[Scottish] Job Available - PHP & MySQL.

ray scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sun Apr 20 13:52:01 2003

I have been asked to find a competent programmer/software engineer for one of 
my clients in the North Glasgow area, and SLUGers get a head start.  I have 
to check out technical competence and prepare a short leet.  

If you are interested e-mail me using rh@eng-int.net.  Please give a very 
brief description of what you can do, relevant education/experience and a 
phone number.  I shall be away for most of this week and will get back to you 
after Friday.  I do not want a c.v. at this stage, just an expression of 
interest.  And you can guess what will happen to any mail that contains a MS 
Word document as an attachment.

The company is two years old, presently has 9 employees (7 in the UK) and uses 
me as an outsourced systems manager.  It is engaged in internet and telephony 
sales and support on behalf of its clients throughout the world, and this job 
arises due to expansion in business activities.  The general atmosphere is 
good and relaxed although the work pressure can become intense (what's new).  
This is envisaged as a full-time 9-5 in the office job, but this is a small 
friendly outfit and would be considerate to the particular requirements of a 
suitable candidate.  The salary will be fair, and is not indicated only 
because we are open to consider both recent graduates and those that can 
bring some experience. 

Ability to organise own workload and priorities.
Able to admit to errors, learn from them and alert colleagues.
Willingness to learn new stuff.
PHP4 and MySQL.
Good grasp of structured programming methods and code efficiency.
Understanding of database efficiency.
Multi-lingual - e.g. bash, python, oberon, etc.

HTML4, XHTML and javascript.
Apache and tux.
Linux/BSD systems administration.
Network and telephony systems.
Feel for commercial realities.
Tolerance for colleagues who insist on using another sort-of-operating system 
(but you are allowed to feel superior).
Multi-lingual - e.g. German, Spanish, Chinese, etc.

The Job:
Initially to rewrite the present dynamic web system to improve 
maintainability, code re-use, efficiency, and security.  You would be the 
only programmer on this project and would collaborate with the web designers, 
who are graphics people, and myself with regard to systems performance. 
You would be required to administer your own workstation, and assist with 
systems administration (and anything else) in case of need/panic.

ray herman <rh@eng-int.net>