[Scottish] Going...going...

Colin McKinnon scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Apr 24 11:48:17 2003

Kenny Duffus wrote:

>do you have a list of what all is available?
>	Kenny
> =20
I've attached specs for the big boxes that are being sold, but for we=20
don't have a list of all the gubbins. You're welcome to come and have a=20
look - we're at 296 Springfield Road, Glasgow, G40 3HU - close to=20
Parkhead Stadium. The office is open 9-5 Mon-Fri - its advisable to call=20
ahead to let the relevant people know you're coming (0141 551 6264 - ask=20
for Steve) then look in at reception and they'll point you towards the=20
equipment. Note that marked prices are increasingly just a guideline -=20
the business ceases to be next Tuesday and anything not sold goes to an=20
end-buyer who will pay pennies for it.


6 X Kyocera3750N (workgroup) printers

Several HP laserjet II, 4, 5, 1100 desktop lasers

3 x Epson 2180 132 column dot matrix printer (~=A320)

Newbury Data (Genicom) 100 132 column dot matrix printer (~=A325)

Newbury Data (Printronics) 1000 lpm line printer

1 x HP netserver 6000LHR:  (offer of =A33000 made)
   4x900MHz Intel Xeon,
   4Gb memory, 2x18Gb 10000rpm SCSI,
   9 tape DLT autoloader

1 x HP L1000
   2x440 MHz PA-RISC,
   1 Gb memory,
   4x18Gb 7200rpm SCSI,

2 x ADSL router
2 x ISDN router

4 x HP Brio 600MHz / 32 or 64 Mb / 4Gb HD / Windows 98 OEM
(several more broken and working PCs)

HP SCSI deskside HA cabinet (approx 14 device capacity inc PSUs - fitted=20
with dual PSU and 1 9Gb).
SCSI cabling

3 x Axis 560 printservers (2 unused, still in box)