[Scottish] Going...going...

Colin McKinnon scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Apr 24 15:34:01 2003

willie fleming wrote:

>On Thursday 24 Apr 2003 09:47, Colin McKinnon rearranged the photons emi=
>from my display, giving the following impression:
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>>Hi all,
>>Just a wee reminder that my employer is having a REAL closing down sale.
>>Anybody want a HP L-Class 2xPA-Risc with lots of disk / memory to run
>>Linux on for =A31200? (cost over =A340,000 2 years ago). There are also=
>>of PC's (=A32 - =A3100), printservers, printers, hubs, cables. NB price=
s are
>>just a guide!
>>   =20
>	I may have a buyer for the HP box. Can you mail me a phone no and viewi=
>transport and money due by, chqs payable to details etc?
> =20
Yes, my office no. is 0141 551 6239. The system can be inspected during=20
office hours, we have the paperwork for the HPUX software licence=20
transfer (although this box WILL run Linux :) ). Subject to confirmation=20
with the administrators, the system itself will be available on next=20
Friday (2nd).

Payment can be made by business cheque, personal cheque (with guarantee=20
card) or cash.

There is already one offer in for the HP box and the bidder is pushing=20
for confirmation so it'd be advisable to get things moving quickly with=20
the liquidators.

I've appended the exact spec.


A5576A    1    HP 9000 L1000 enterprise server
A5522A    2    PA8500 CPU 1.5Mb cache, 440 MHz
A5795A    2    512Mb Hi Density Sync DRAM mem modul
A5803A    4    18Gb HotPlug Ultra2 SCSI LP disk drive
A5557A    1    DVD ROM drive
A5527A    1    Hotswap PSU for L-Class
C6364A    1    SMART desktop DDS3 tape drive
A3542A    1    DDS3 tape drive
A5796A    1    Processor support module for L-Class
C1064G    1    HP 700/96 terminal