[Scottish] Going...going...

Colin McKinnon scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Apr 30 10:05:00 2003

Michael Cameron wrote:

>>Hi all,
>>Just a wee reminder that my employer is having a REAL closing down sale.
>>Anybody want a HP L-Class 2xPA-Risc with lots of disk / memory to run
>>Linux on for =A31200? (cost over =A340,000 2 years ago). There are also=
>>of PC's (=A32 - =A3100), printservers, printers, hubs, cables. NB price=
s are
>>just a guide!
>>   =20
>Now that's what everyone wants (sorry, couldn't resist).
>I assume the HP box comes with licenses for OS (11.0 or 11i?) etc..?  Wh=
>about keyboard, mouse, monitor, ethernet (10/100)?  What size is it?
Still interested in this Michael? Our other buyer fell through. =A3900?=20
(NB I won't be contactable at this address after tomorrow - try 07811=20
970 206)