[Scottish] SAR110

Mark Robinson scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Aug 8 14:22:01 2003

Hello nigel,

Friday, 08 August 2003, you wrote:

nbtc> Hello

nbtc> Sorry to bother you, but I seem to be retracing your steps...

nbtc> I have a Solwise router that I need in a no-nat setup. The no-nat tutorial from the isp (plusnet) appears to be one-to-one nat.

nbtc> You mentioned requiring additional addresses?

You need a block of 8 IP addresses to run no-nat. Use the contact us
facility on their web portal to ask for an 8 IP block and they'll send
you the form you need to fill in. They'll normally allocate the
addresses really quickly...