[Scottish] Certification Centres

Ben Thorp scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Feb 6 09:39:01 2003

OK, without getting into a big discussion on the merits of getting Linu=
certification, I was wondering if anyone knew of a (preferably
central-belt) training centre where I could take the Linux Professional=

Institute exams, without have to take (and pay through the nose for) a =
training course. I just want to pay for and sit the exams.

(Oh, and slightly OT, but http://www.sdit.co.uk/products/range.asp?prid=
have some nice cheap Linux boxes - =A3199 inc VAT + delivery for an AMD=

Duron1300, 128Mb RAM, RedHat 8.0 preinstalled!)

Ben Thorp (mrBen)