[Scottish] KDE 3.1 released

ray scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sat Feb 8 15:21:01 2003

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Hi Mark,

> Kmail does support gpg out of the box. What those plugins allow you to do
> is sign and encrypt all message parts. Which is something kmail has not
> been able to do before. It also can use certs.

I do not understand what has happened here.  I use gpg signing a lot, mostl=
y because I am a Nominet tag holder and signed mail to the Nominet Auotomat=
on is how domain registrations are managed.  With KDE3.05/Kmail1.4.3 I coul=
d choose from Options to send sugned mail and on reading signed messages th=
ey were recognised as such and signaled as verified or not.

I upgraded to KDE3.1 by downloading the SuSE8.1 rpms, dropping out of the g=
raphical environment, su root, rpm -Fvh ..., back out of root, and startx. =
 Seemed painless. When I tried to sign a message in KMail1.5 the option was=
 not available. When I recieved a signed messsage a dialogue popped up:
	Problem: OpenPGP plug-in was not specified.
	Use the 'Settings->Configure KMail->Security' dialog to specify the plug-i=
n or ask your system administrator to do that for you.

I downloaded the files for the plug-in and then discovered that I needed so=
me developer libs, then ran out of time so just used another machine with K=
DE3.05 to send signed messages.  I had however moved the gpg options file t=
o ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf and have probably closed and opened Kmail.

Today I find that the 'Sign Message'  option is back, and am about to try i=

 Incoming signed mail (e.g. your message to this thread) still produces the=
 warning dialogue.=20
Older signed messages that had been retrieved with KMail1.4.3 does not prod=
uce the dialoge, and does display the status of the signature.

=2D --=20
Version: GnuPG v1.0.7 (GNU/Linux)