[Scottish] php and my sql

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Tue Feb 11 16:40:02 2003

Looks vaugely familiar!

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I ve created a mysql database. Basically user fills  the form then  hits
submit button and  all data posted to mysql database.This part works fine.
Next time user return the page enters their email address and hits submit
button. my php script check if email address exist in our database if exist
takes user to download page, if not exist takes them to registration page.
Some strange reason this comparasing is not working properly. it works for
some email addresses, e.g. my email address olive@zoom.co.uk is registered
in mysql database so script should take to download page but it is taking me
registration page instead any ideas <?
//Author: Ismail Murat Dilek

/// ========================================================
// following part read values of entered details and prepares them for mysql
data input format

$email = $HTTP_POST_VARS["email"];

$query ="Select email from details"; // selects email field from details
table $result = mysql_query($query); //executes sql select query $num_result
= mysql_num_rows($result);
/* searches database for email, if email dosent exist writes details to
database,then redirects user to download page */ for ($i=0; $i<$num_result;
$i++) {
     $row= mysql_fetch_array($result);
     $eml = stripslashes($row[email]);
     $email = trim($email);
     $eml = trim($eml);
     $eq = strcmp($email,$eml);
     if ($eq != 0)


}//end for


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