[Scottish] samba

Graeme Boyd scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Feb 12 15:58:01 2003

Hi Bob,

Do you want to access the windows box from Linux?
Do you want to access the Linux boxes from Windows?

You only need Samba running for the latter.  Suse probably has Samba 
installed in which case all you need to do is write an smb.conf file 
which is quite easy.  I just edited the default file.  Once that's done 
you need to ensure Samba is started at boot.

The only difficulties with Samba stem from password encryption (which 
changed for Windows 2000) and remembering to setup the passwords for the 
users connecting correctly with Samba.

Samba tutorial:

I suggest you post your smb.conf file and details of error messages if 
the link doesn't help.


On Tuesday, February 11, 2003, at 06:20  pm, bob renshaw wrote:

> Can anyone assist me in setting up a network of three machines 2 
> running linux
> suse 7.3 and the other windows 98 and printer.
> Ive tried getting to grips with samba and sofar failed.
> bob
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