[Scottish] Pin drop

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Wed Feb 12 16:10:01 2003

Do you boot from a floppy, 
or did you install XP on another partition than the first, 
or is there some way to overwrite the mbr when XP is on the first partition
? (lilo won't load because it doesn't like NTFS)
(I might try grub anyway)

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	On Wed, Feb 12, 2003 at 11:29:04AM +0000, Colin McKinnon wrote

	> path....having used lilo for years, I've now converted to grub. It
	> ext2/3, reiser and various other fs so you can boot up from a
	> disk, and if you can remember where you parked your kernel start
up your 
	> original installation. I've not tried it on dual-boot box though.

	Grub works incredibly well for multi-boot setups, including
	chainloading and similar nifty things. I've sucesfully had rhl73,
	rhl80, freebsd and windows XP cohabitting under grub without pain.

	- Aidan

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