[Scottish] Sharing a Linux Proxy Server across networks

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Mon Feb 24 11:10:13 2003

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yup.. each subnet would need to be isolated except for the proxy..  in terms of clients on each sub..  a max of 3 at any one time and once in place they will remain static..  i would propose to put them on the  same ethernet segment unless this is not such a good idea..

Colin McKinnon <colin@wew.co.uk> wrote ..
> apostolus@blueyonder.co.uk wrote:
> >I have a simple query here that someone might be able to help me with.
> I have a lInux Server (SuSE) with Squid running on  I have
> windows clients that access the outside world thru' the proxy but would
> now like to split the clients into three separate networks..  I know I
> can just change the workgroup name but want to be able to hide all services
> on each of the three networks but still allow access to all thru'' the
> proxy server..  is this possible without compromising the integrity of
> the individual win networks..
> >
> Yes. You could keep the same IP addresses and set the scope id (1). Or
> you could use three ip subnets and set up ip aliases on the interface of
> the proxy (2). Or you could use subnets and three seperate network cards
> (3). Or you could set up routers to converge the subnets onto the proxy
> (4). If I spent some more time thinking about it, there are probably 
> other ways of doing it as well (OK so (1) is a bit silly). Are they 
> running on the same phyiscal ethernet segment? Are individual machines
> likely to move between subnets?  Is each sub-net to be completely 
> isolated apart from the shared proxy (no common printers / PDCs / mail
> server / ...?) ? Is network bandwidth an issue? Number of clients?
> Colin
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