[Scottish] OT: Weird domain stuff

Paxton, Darren scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Jan 13 10:00:01 2003

Is your existing domain registrar transferring their business to another

Do they have the ability to renew themselves or do they go through a

I think the first point of call should be who you registered the domain with
and query them as to why you are being contacted, as it could be a genuine
notification, however I wouldnt do anything on the bulkregistrar site until
you know.


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Hello S.L.U.G,

I received the email quoted below this morning.  I haven't done
anything with the domain, and know of no reason anything should be
happening to it. Does anyone know what is going on?  Are they trying
to take it off me?  Is this some kind of scam, or is it a legitimate

HELP please!



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