[Scottish] Hardware recommendations?

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Thu Jan 16 12:48:01 2003

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, John Ollason wrote:
> under GCC and GPC (legacy code in Pascal). DELL kit looks appealing, but
> is there any body who can supply me (even at a price) with the operating
> systems set up and running as I would like them?

I have bought several machines from Digital Networks (www.dnuk.com),
mostly their Workstar 210 basic workstations, which I'm happy with.
Prices aren't too bad either.  They offer various combinations of OSes
pre-installed & multi-boot.  If you have particular hardware requirements
that they don't list in their configurations, it's worth asking them if
they can supply them (we had different graphics cards installed 'cos of
software dependency).


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