[Scottish] Slightly OT: hardware problem

george scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sun Jan 19 12:37:01 2003

 This is slightly OT I know so fogive me. I have a machine which was 
running win2K, and I had a a problem with it so I upgraded the machine a 
bit, new case, graphics card and memory and reinstalled win2k, after the 
reinstall it kept hanging. Then when I tried to reboot it came up with 
an error message saying a file could not be found, and it caouldn't 
start windows, so I reinstalled it again and it ran OK for a few days 
and then the same message different file. I have swapped  the card and 
removed the extra memory but the same problems.

Anyway to the linux part. I put MD9 on it and it won't power down, the 
modem won't work everytime you reboot unless you go to the configuration 
panel and redo the config, and generally it's running like a wounded 
rhino, the machine itself is a 1gig athlon with 1024 of ram.