[Scottish] Slightly OT: hardware problem

george scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sun Jan 19 17:11:02 2003

Hi Cameron,

The case has a 300w PSU. I am leaning towatd it being a problem with the 


Cameron Logie wrote:
> George,
> In the past, I've had problems with machines (esp those with Athlons) that
> were resolved by getting a new power supply.
> I was getting big disk errors, random crashing and
> motherboard-not-powering-up problems.
> Did the new case that you bought have an PSU rated for an Athlon ?
> Regards,
> Cammy.
> george said:
>> This is slightly OT I know so fogive me. I have a machine which was
>>running win2K, and I had a a problem with it so I upgraded the machine a
>> bit, new case, graphics card and memory and reinstalled win2k, after
>>the  reinstall it kept hanging. Then when I tried to reboot it came up
>>with  an error message saying a file could not be found, and it
>>caouldn't  start windows, so I reinstalled it again and it ran OK for a
>>few days  and then the same message different file. I have swapped  the
>>card and  removed the extra memory but the same problems.
>>Anyway to the linux part. I put MD9 on it and it won't power down, the
>>modem won't work everytime you reboot unless you go to the configuration
>> panel and redo the config, and generally it's running like a wounded
>>rhino, the machine itself is a 1gig athlon with 1024 of ram.
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