[Scottish] Invitation to FOSDEM 2003

Damien Sandras scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Jan 27 18:38:01 2003


The purpose of this e-mail is to invite you to attend to the 3rd edition 
of FOSDEM. This edition will take place on the 8th and 9th of 
February 2003 in Brussels (see http://www.fosdem.org for more info). 
The previous editions encountered a huge success. More than 1600 people 
attended to presentations given by well-known speakers such as Richard
Stallman, Miguel De Icaza, DJ Adams, Philip Hazel in 2002, and FOSDEM 2003
will try to be even more successful thanks to numerous presentations done by 
programmers of leading Open Source and Free Software projects.

This year, will be present (in alphabetical order):

Ann Harrison - Firebird : an Open Source database based on the InterBase(r) 
Brian King - Mozilla
Bruce Momjian - PostgreSQL Core Developer
Bruno Coudoin - Author of GCompris
Clif Flynt - Tcl/Tk
Damien Sandras - GnomeMeeting author
David Axmark - MySQL developer
David Faure - KDE Core Developer
Guenter Bartsch - Author of xine
Harald Welte - Member of the Netfilter Core Team
Havoc Pennington - GNOME Foundation, Free Standards
Hilaire Fernandes - Author of DrGenius
Jakub Steiner - Author of many of the GTK 2.x stock icons, Gimp tutorial
Jon 'Maddog' Hall - Executive Director of Linux International
Julian Smart - Author of wxWindows
Michael Meeks - GNOME Core developer
Owen Taylor - Maintainer of GTK+
Raphael Hertzog - Author of Debian-Edu 
Richard M Stallman - Leader of the FSF
Solar Designer - Author of Openwall GNU/*/Linux
Thomas Vander Stichele - GStreamer Developer
Yoann Vandoorselaere & Laurent Oudot - Prelude-IDS authors

And many others, ...

Several Free or Open Source Software projects have decided to hold a meeting
during FOSDEM. It is a great occasion to meet core developers from GNOME, 
GNUstep, KDE, Mozilla, embedded software and PostgreSQL.

Moreover, the Free Software Award will be handed out during the FOSDEM 2003
by Richard Stallman and other members from the Free Software Foundation.

FOSDEM's goal is to provide Free Software and Open Source developers and 
communities the opportunity to learn and discuss the latest developments 
in the Free and Open Source arena and to promote the development of Free 
and Open Source solutions. 

The speakers mainly talk about technologies and make technical speeches.

The event is totally free, but we encourage you to support FOSDEM if you 
appreciate the event and want it to continue in the same spirit. More
information about the FOSDEM support operation at:

We hope to see you there. 


Damien Sandras
Community Contact