[Scottish] modems

Elwell, AD (Andrew) scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Jan 31 17:05:01 2003

ahem, at risk of being pedantic..

Does your laptop *have* a serial port on it?

I don't remember you mentioning it was for a laptop - I have had sucess with
xircom pcmcia combi cards (NIC+modem) and would recommend them over cheaper
ones with dongles that break.

Failing that, looks like you'll need a serial adaptor for your laptop -
which isn't cheap. (We ended up with a docking station that had a PCI slot
in to add 3 serial inputs to a laptop on a boat)

Serial ports are normally male on the PC's / laptops and come in 9 or 25 pin
(now rare) varieties

> Sounds like its been designed for the older large COM ports - 
> I had one of
> those on my first PC and the modem needed to use it - I 
> would've thought it
> would've come with a connector for the modem but also on the 
> other end one
> of both type of COM connector.

> Now i just unpacked the thing and $**!(%* the cable ended in 
> two female
> plugs that don't seem to connect to anything on the back of my laptop
> (female 15pin plug, female 25pin plug and 2 usbs).  

external monitor and printer perhaps? not serial...


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