[Scottish] Poisoned Spam

willie fleming scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Jul 16 11:31:01 2003

On Tuesday 15 Jul 2003 21:31, Colin McKinnon wrote:
> Is it just me?

_Possibly_  not
> I've been responsible for the care and feeding of a lot of mailboxes. I've
> seen SMTP queues stalled, and lots of messages bounced due to bad
> formatting. But until this week I never had trouble getting mail out of a
> POP3 mailbox. In the last week, I've had _three_ mailboxes across two
> servers getting clogged with spam messages which won't download through
> POP3 because of problems with the headers.help
We have one user who cannot post to the board, despite being resubscribed and 
at present I can see no reason for this other than Mailman deciding their 
domain is on a spam blacklist.

We are not all on broadband, so I don't want everyone to check in with a test 
msg, but if we could generate a bit more traffic it would help. 

> It seems a little strange (and far to quiet on this list!)

Spooky  -- or perhaps not, maybe its too hot to type