[Scottish] Authentication methods

willie fleming scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Wed Jul 16 12:10:00 2003

On Wednesday 16 Jul 2003 11:54, Kyle Gordon wrote:
> hey all
> In a futile attempt to learn something worthwhile, I've decided to have a
> shot at an alternative authentication system.
> Now, I know there's NIS and LDAP, but which one is best and in what
> scenarios should they be used? Which is more complex to set up? And which
> will scale well and stay secure?
I'm about to get into LDAP, cos I think its time I got my head round it. 
Talking to Kenny (sealNe) last night he mentioned having problems getting PAM 
to talk to LDAP.
If I read the changenotes for the 2.6 kernel correctly, some of the more 
glaring problems with NIS and NFS have been addressed.