[Scottish] samba and suse 8.1

ray scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Mon Mar 3 17:22:01 2003

> I can mount the share called Forge on /home/forge but its only read only
> and read/write if mounted by root.  >
What I want to do is access my hp
> printer and ditto max tape which are connected to the windows machine so I
> can print and backup from the linux machine.  Have you any idea's on this.

It seems that you want to use a Win98 laptop as a file and print server to a Linux machine. 
 If this is the case you do not use the Samba server and smb.conf.  This is used to share 'nix resources with a Windows client.  
	{the default Suse 8.1 smb.conf lets you share your home directory fron a Windows client if you use the same username and password on both machines and add them to /etc/samba/smbpasswd with:
root#   smbpasswd 		
(try   smbpasswd --help)  

To access directories and files on the Win98 machine from Linux you need to 
1	 create the share in Wn98 (e.g. share c:\forge as forge on LAPTOP)
2	create a directory on Linux (e.g. mkdir /home/bob/forge )
3	mount //laptop/forge on //linux/home/bob/forge e.g:
root@...# mount -t smbfs -o uid=bob,gid=users  //laptop/forge  /linux/home/bob/forge
check out the options with   #man smbmount'

You appear to have tried to mount a Windows share into a Samba share, so that you could access it from the Windows machine that it actually lives on ???

Assuming you are using KDE on Suse (kde3.1 appears to be on the current Linux Format DVD)  the simplest way to use a printer attached to win98 is to use the settings|printer manager to add the printer.  Skip auto-detection, and choose more from the interface screen to add an SMB printer.

I have never used a tape drive on a Windows machine.

I recommend that you send replies to the list rather than an individual and cc'ing them to the list.  It avoids the individual getting a spare copy and makes it obvious that you are seeking input from the community at large,  many of whom know much more about Samba etc. than me.