[Scottish] editors

Martin McCarthy scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Sat Mar 8 22:05:02 2003

> I have to alter the php.ini file sitting on a server, the problem is 
> that there doesnt seem to be any editors installed, and I dont have the 
> option of installing one. I think I am pretty much knackered but I am 
> open to suggestions

Crikey - none at all?  Not even ed or ex?
If you've got sed or awk or perl you can do your edits...what is it you
need to change?

Or (assuming you can log on to the server through an xterm or somesuch)
create the php.ini you want in a different xterm on another machine
then, in your server term do:

 $ cat >newphp.ini
[*paste the new php.ini to the xterm here*]

then check that newphp.ini is right and just

 $ mv php.ini php.ini-original
 $ mv newphp.ini php.ini

There are always options!

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