[Scottish] at76c503 wireless usb adaptor

rayH scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Mar 11 08:59:04 2003

Hi Gordon,

> Well the errors suggest that the module might not have been built at
> all
I did realise this and the make errors were a long list of failed 
dependencies.  The README specifically states that the driver is for kernel 
 I wasn't really expecting someone to put any effort into telling me how to 
fix this, but on the off chance that someone had looked at it before I was 
hoping for a pointer towards what I should do next - move to kernel 2.4.20 or 
fix the driver to work with 2.4.19. 

 I was quite surprised that I did not find anything about this in the SuSE db 
as th chipset seems quite popular.