[Scottish] How to avoid symlinks spiralling out of control?

Martin McCarthy scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue Mar 18 15:50:01 2003

> I use sitecopy to update my website, which is nice and easy and just
> (usually) does the right thing for uploading only files which have
> changed locally.

The man page has:

    Symbolic Link Handling

    Symlinks found in the local site can be either ignored, followed, or
    maintained. In 'follow' mode, the files references by the symlinks will
    be uploaded in their place. In 'maintain' mode, the link will be created
    remotely as well, see below for more information. The mode used for each
    site is specified with the symlinks rcfile key, which may take the value
    of ignore, follow or maintain to select the mode as appropriate.

    The default mode is ignore, i.e. symbolic links found in the local site
    are ignored. 

Presumably your configuration has 'follow' mode.  I guess you want
'ignore' or 'maintain'.

Hope that helps,
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