[Scottish] allowing a large newborn sea-mammal to collide with a rocky plane toid object devoid of atmosphere somewhere in another galaxy

Graeme Mathieson scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Mar 20 12:45:01 2003

>>>>> "Elise" == Elise Huard <Huard> writes:

    Elise> Is there any way to get the time in tenth
    Elise> or hundredth of seconds ?


Right now, there are scr1pt k1dd13s plotting to DDoS my network, my co-lo
server is not responding  to pings and  the people that I IRC with may be
involved in both.  I'm  sysadmin Graeme Mathieson and this is the longest
day of my life.                       http://www.wossname.org.uk/~mathie/