[Scottish] Looong Cat5 Cable

ray scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Mar 21 16:15:00 2003

On Friday 21 March 2003 14:36, Philip Ward wrote:
> Can anyone planning to be at next Thursday's meeting help me out?
> I need a 60 metre cat5 cable, and retail prices scare me.

If you just want alength of PVC solid core Cat5e/Cat6 with a booted RJ45 at=
each end it will cost you a pint of IPA.  If you are not fussy about the=20
exact length I have a few similar in stock.=20

I can make a shielded cat5e patch cable (stranded core - more flexible and=
useful near flourescent light units and other noisy environments), but woul=
have to make a modest charge as the cable is expensive and it is fiddly to=
put the connectors on by hand.
If you need low halogen/ cable I would need a couple of days notice, becaus=
e I=20
don't have much in stock.

If you are in a hurry 30m patch cables are pretty common and cost about =A3=
each (e.g. Tait Components).  You can use a connector or twin faceplate to=
join two.=20

=2D- =20