[Scottish] Mandrake 9.1

William Anderson scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Fri Mar 28 14:29:00 2003

Philip Ward wrote:
> Mandrake 9.1 has just been released.
> Would anyone with a decent connection be kind enough to burn a few CDs
> for those of us who are stuck in dial-up land? (Beer and/or pennies will
> chase after said benevolent person.) If necessary I'm willing to give
> out my MandrakeClub login details (only to one person) so you get access
> to a decent server.

I wonder if it's worth setting up a tombstones[1] type page where people who
are willing to burn off cds and dvds for people can say so, and what they're
willing to work for (beer/materials/costs), and people looking for discs due
to narrowband access or whatever can get in touch and say "here's
beer/materials/costs, can i have $distro on $media".  I know I'd be able to
do DVD-Rs without *too* much fuss ...

As an alternative, John at linux emporium is usually quite quick at getting
ISOs down, burned and for sale at reasonable prices ...

[1] cf www.tombstones.org.uk, a group of alt.games.mame folk who performed a
strict barter system of "send person media/postage/envelope or cost of same,
person will return cds or dvd(s) of MAME roms"

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