[Scottish] BCS debriefing

Philip Ward scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu May 15 16:33:01 2003

>I agree it was worth it however it would have been nice if the debate
>had went on for a while longer, I presume it did in the pub :(

It did continue in the pub. The two major highlights of the evening for me were two of the MS guys accepting copies of Knoppix, and also being surrounded by three Microserfs while one explained to me he was deeply concerned about the restrictive aspects of the GPL. I politely told him that those who would take from the community without giving back are parasites, which he seemed to accept. One of the others then said that some parasites help their hosts, at which point the first one said, no that's a symbiote.
On another note, while we revile the beast it was good to actually meet real people who work for it and realise that they are human. By treating them as human I reckon I was better able to get my point across than some of the raving loonies they have met in the past.