[Scottish] html email

Calum Matheson scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Tue May 20 16:45:00 2003

Hi Neil,

On a nice sunny Tuesday, the date being 20/05/2003, at precisely 4:32:53 PM, an infinite number of monkeys controlled by Neil MacColl did speaketh the following to Calum Matheson:

NM> Linux e-mail clients show me TEST and windows shows me
NM> <html>
NM> <body>
NM> <b>TEST</b>
NM> </body>
NM> </test>

It'll be completely dependant on how the client decides to render your
mail, not the OS.  I think that mail should be viewed as plain text,
and the clients that show it as HTML are rendering it wrongly
(maybe someone knows what RFCs have anything to say about it).
AFAIK for the message to be rendered as html, it should have html
content type declared somewhere in the headers.

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