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I think that's a great idea (but let's avoid the free software song unless
it's been remixed and sung by someone other rms).

On a related note, somebody had suggested that I offer to do a talk on
MagicPoint at some point. It's a bit late for May, and I'll be away July
31st (in Venice) but if people would be interested in it I could offer for

Ben Thorp

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I won't be able to make the meeting next week, but for the June meeting,
I suggest a showing of Revolution OS?  I have the DVD here, all that's
needed is a screen of some kind - Kenny, would you be able to source
something from the dept?  I suppose a telly would be cool enough, but a
projector or plasma display would rock loads :)

btw, the free software song is on disc two, i suppose we could take a vote
on whether or not to play it - let the masochists take their lobbying
positions! :)

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