[Scottish] Next meet - 27/11/03

Ben Thorp THORPB at uk.ibm.com
Wed Nov 26 15:37:58 GMT 2003

> What are the chances of us getting some talks organised for the beginning
> of next year? Much as I enjoy the Counting House, I miss the other bits
> too. Even if we include things like 'tool of the month night' and 'how I
> got into Linux night' every few months, or something, to ease the
> it would be nice to set something up (I am assuming that Strathclyde Uni
> still open to us as a venue)?
> Thoughts, anyone? (Or, even better, offers to do a talk)
> Ben Thorp

As an aside - it appears that you can no longer 'Reply-To', as it goes to
an individual, rather than back to the list (sorry Kyle)?

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Kyle Gordon wrote:
> Well, it's that time of the month again (ooer missus and all that), and
> ScotLUG rolls on another month. In the same pattern as last month, it'll
> direct to the Counting House again.

I'll be sitting in departures at Prestwick waiting for a flight to Dublin
at that point in time - have fun all :)  Mebbe I'll see folks at Radman's
Lan thingy on the 6th?

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