[Scottish] fetchmail

Allan Bruce scottish at mailman.lug.org.uk
Thu Sep 4 23:58:01 2003

Hi guys,

my adsl router/modem just died a few weeks back so I decided to buy a cheap
linux box and make it my router.  All seems to working well for now.

Since I had the machine, I decided to add a few toys, like
mail/web/telnet/ftp server and it all is working apart from fetchmail.

fetchmail wont fetch the emails from one of my accounts unless it is run as
a daemon (I tried using the -a option and putting it in the crontab but it
didnt work).  My question is,

how do I run fetchmail once on startup as a certain user? I only have two
users so I will just run it individually for each.

As a small aside - I am using iptables for my router/firewall and I was
hoping to find some software that will create a webpage (preferably with
graphs) showing me some useful(ish) info about the amount of traffic passing
and blocked.  Does anybody know of such software? I found netfilter2html but
only in spanish :o(

One last thing which I am particularly proud of is that I now have ipv6
connectivity on my machines now :o) pointless I know but it was worth the