[Scottish] Weirdness

Mark Robinson mcr at reason-technology.com
Mon Sep 15 17:14:00 2003

Hello S.L.U.G,

I have a debian fileserver that was playing silly buggers at me
earlier! It was complaining badly cos it's root filesystem was full,
which is not a bad complaint in itself, except that it's a 1.4G
partition and only has a couple of hundred meg on it! The available
disk space seemed to be dimishing over time, 32M disappeared this
afternoon with no files being added etc!?~@~!"! I just rebooted it and
I've magically got 1.1G free. It's running 2.2.18, with an ext2
filesystem. It had been running fine for over 100 days, nothing in
usual log files... I tried running du earlier and nothing would admit
to using the space. I'm very confused, any ideas?