[Scottish] OT (Very!)

Mark Robinson mcr at reason-technology.com
Thu Sep 18 09:27:06 2003

Hello S.L.U.G,


I know this is nohing to do with Linux, but as you're all such
nice, generous helpful people, ok I'll shut up now.

Does anyone know of an easy way/cheap tool to migrate a bunch of
users (<100) and their files, with permissions, from an NT domain to a
windows 2000 active directory domain?

And before you ask I tried my damndest to get Linux/Samba in there,
and they said absolutely not, we don't know what that is, we want MS.
Didn't even help when I reminded them that their Lotus Domino/DNS/Web
server is Linux!

Damn, I feel dirty, just off for a shower now!