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The router will effectively act as your presence on the Internet, your pc
will be hidden behind it - and subject to the features you have installed on
the router, it can provide firewall, port forwarding, and various other
facilities to protect your machine and allow certain services through (such
as http, smtp, ftp, ssh etc). After initial configuration, the router can
just be switched on and it will get itself online and be quite happy.

Using the ADSL modem would mean that your pc would have to initiate the
connection whenever you wanted to use the internet - meaning configuration
on both windows and linux. You would also have to ensure that your pc has
sufficient protection in the form of a firewall. Some members may argue that
you would be best installing a firewall even though you may have a router as
an added degree of security.

Generally ADSL Routers are ADSL modems with the extra technology built in to
allow routing of traffic and the other services that it may provide, so you
really need just one or the other.

A static IP address historically was useful if you wished to host services
on your own system, such as mail and http. However, with the advent of
dynamic update services its not really necessary. I have a domain name
pointed at my ntl cable modem connection, however, this was achieved with a
no-ip updating service, this cost $25 for a year and creates DNS records and
MX records for my domain to allow me to exist on the Internet as a real
domain. Obviously reverse lookups don't work, but I'm not that bothered
about that. Also, requesting a static IP can usually incur an extra charge
depending on the provider.



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 Hi Folks

I have made my trigger finally, and now can start to plan what kind of 
connection I want. I am wanting a 1MB connection if i can get it, 

I have 1 primary PC, which dual boots, well she reboots into windows and i 
reboot into mandrake, does that count? :-)

My 6 year old twins have a pc as well, but I dont think I want to hook that
to the net yet, maybe an option in the future, but for the purposes of your 
advice, I just want to consider the dual booting pc.

People have advised to get a router, but I am not sure what the difference 
between a router and an adsl modem are? Do I need both?

I have tried searching the web but all i come across are sales sites, and of

course they are going to say they are great.

I also heard data stream, is better than ip-stream, but again not sure why.

Do I want a static Ip address? Sounds good, but on dialup I have never had 
one, so I dont know if one would benefit me

Any advice and recommendations greatly appreciated.


Phil Deane

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