[Scottish] Sending display to another machine

Allan Bruce allanmb at f2s.com
Fri Sep 26 12:52:50 BST 2003

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> On Friday 26 September 2003 11:24, Allan Bruce wrote:
> > Although when I start vncserver, it does say
> >
> > New 'X' desktop os Kes:1
> I do not understand "when I start vncserver"  and "and X isnt running
before I
> start it.".

I manually start vncserver at the moment when I need it.  I usually do this
for new progs and once they are running successfully, i usually add them to
/etc/rc3.d/ or /etc/rc.local

> I configure /etc/xinetd.d/vnc  to start KDM in response to a remote vnc
> connection.  This allows a KDE login, which starts an X session with KDE
> which displays in the remote VNC window.

Ok, this is what I will be missing as far as your setup goes.  my
/etc/xinetd.d/ doesnt have vnc and this is one area I havent looked at yet -
I am fairly new to admin under linux.  Do you think this would help? If so,
can you give me a helpful hint as to how I can start this?

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